All Rights Reserved © 2014 Whatpics / OKAIdesign Welcome to WHATPICS Photography I‘m Frank Johnston and I am the principal in this small specialist digital photography studio. As a keen  landscape photographer with a background in fine art & graphic design I am now using combining my  experience to capture and produce large accurate Gigapixel landscape images.  Based in London UK we are currently taking Gigapixel landscape images of the south coast of England  with the aim of bringing to the on-line viewer a hi-resolution experience where they can explore images  and see detail normally invisible to the naked eye.   All images on this site are available for purchase as are the many of the Gigapixel images and i have  included a sample size with price on some of the the images. We can also print to fit custom frames or  spaces. Please contact us with your requirements.  To see the Gigapixel images please click on this logo